Well, some progress

Built i386 version, which must be more correct than previous one (now it’s tag is AOSP, not 2.2). Forced droiddoc.mk to use JDK 1.5, other stuff compiled by JDK 1.6. Need to think about android’s doclet, as JDK 1.5 is just temporarily handicap.

amd64′s version was compiled as well, however during tests there were problems at least in aapt, mksnapshot and emulator. Last two utilities crashed, first one just fails to work. I’ll let it be in such state for now, cause want to work on other parts of source tree and don’t know qemu sources well yet.

BTW, I’m using VNC to check my compile node, thus once, while I was fixing some libpng mess, I’ve thought: why there is no provider for remote access to Android phones and emulators? If we look to Nokia’s developers site – they have a lot of devices and emulators for testing your code on. It’s good for development of more stable and reliable applications on fragmented platforms and support upcoming hardware/devices.

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