2.2 build completed for i386

Considered as early and experimental due generics construction in framework/base’s ListActivity.java and others, which fails to be compiled with jdk 1.5:

public void
onItemClick(AdapterView p, View v, int pos, long id)
onListItemClick((ListView)p, v, pos, id);

where ListView casting strikes back with compile time type check error.

Actually, in previous versions I was building it with jdk 1.6, but in this build just commented out onListItemClick() call as temporarily workaround, which may lead to unexpected behavior when subclassing and using this class. Also, now swt-3.5.1_1 (3555) is used.

You may get this build via direct link here. Still struggling to make amd64 version compilable.


2 Responses to “2.2 build completed for i386”

  1. zyanho says:

    i get it,that’s great.thanks.
    BTW,maybe change to github would keep this project more activity!

  2. taleks says:

    > maybe change to github would keep this project more activity!
    I’ve thought about it and registered account, but have not cloned repository there yet.

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